spring weekend


It’s almost the end of another week and I’m reminiscing just as much about last weekend as I am looking forward to this one. Hey Rooster celebrated ONE YEAR! and we gladly attended the festivities on a most gorgeous spring Saturday. We had the pleasure of meeting the friendly women from Humble Flowers and chatted about plants, trailers, farms, Bells Bend and square dancing. Oh, and Sean and I accidentally matched. It was a lovely party for one of my favorite stores in Nashville. The work on display for Fiber Shop (upstairs) is quite impressive indeed. All the more reason to take one of the many fiber classes that will be offered there. Next up is knitting (this weekend) and I am signed up and ready to dust off those knitting skills (I knitted a “square” once, like 8 years ago…)

IMG_9188We planned an early arrival to the square that night so we could check out things on the farm. Old School Farm is new, and things are lookin’ good. Lots of baby veggies, some that look ready to eat and some ladies that I was extra excited to see. We’re postponing our coop and hens until next spring so we can focus on other yard-related projects. Hopefully, when the time comes we’ll have plenty of laying-hen mentors to help us along.

IMG_9186In other news, the most memorable of spring moments is happening on our porch. A pair of house finches has decided that Sean’s old and empty hanging planter would make a excellent home for their brood. It’s been quite the delight watching Mrs. Finch build her nest. Five eggs were doted on for about two weeks and they started to hatch the day after Easter. The baby finches, only days old, look like an odd mass of wriggling aliveness at the moment. I’ll post an update of them when they look a little more like birds.IMG_9167

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See you at Porter Flea!

I am thrilled to have made the cut again for this year’s Porter Flea Summer Market. Porter Flea is my favorite show to be a part of, seriously by leaps and bounds my favorite. Hands down they have the best staff, customers and fellow vendors around. Finals and the GRE (eep!) will have me busy until then so this will be my first big show of the year and I can’t wait to share all the new pieces I have been working on. Until then you can catch up with me on this blog and now on Instagram! Some of the new pieces are in the shop for those who can’t make it to Porter Flea or who just don’t want to wait that long..!


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Retropolitan Craft Fair This Saturday!

I am recovered from midterms and getting back in to the swing of jewelry things. It’s a good thing because I have my first BIG show of the year in Knoxville this Saturday. It’s the very first Retropolitan Craft Fair! Check out the awesome map they drew for the event which is right across the street from the Time Warp Tea Room. I have fond memories of this part of town from my last visit to Knoxville in January. Definitely worth a day trip if you’re coming from further away. There are so many fun things to see and do I wish I could stay an extra day and make a weekend of it. Seriously, you should come and say hello!

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Porter Flea application time is upon us..!

Just when I thought I would sleep off the rest of winter (in between frantic bouts of studying biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology) I get a little email message telling me it’s time to apply for Porter Flea once again. Makers, if you, like myself, need a little extra kick in the pants to get those applications in when it’s so chilly outside and all you want to do is pull the covers a little higher over your head, check out the video above that recaps some of the amazing-ness that was the Porter Flea Holiday Market…

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Flea market flea market flea market..!

Nashville Flea Market: Every 4th weekend January–November and the 3rd weekend in December

Somehow, in all the busy-ness and pre-semester running-around-trying-to-fit-it-all-in craziness, I managed to miss the January flea market. This shall NEVER happen again. I miss my people, and finding the treasures that are other people’s junk. And school has me so stressed out that the only cure is trading mere dollars for treasure-junk. I can’t go on Friday so I am trying to convince Sean that waking up at 6 am on Saturday for a bagel/coffee run ETA at the flea of 7 am is the most reasonable thing we could possibly do.

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Letterpress today, square tomorrow..!

PULP will be open until 8 pm tonight for a little Valentine’s sippin’ and shoppin. Who doesn’t want to give a handmade card to their someone special?!

Then, for those of you who aren’t paying twice as much to make a reservation at your favorite restaurant for some prix fixe menu sort of thing there’s a square happening Friday night. Single folks are encouraged and welcome, NO PARTNER REQUIRED!

*pm, $5 cover at the Nashville Palace. Details here. This is not your usual square dancin’ BYOB situation because there is a BAR…just sayin’.

Also, Valentine’s Day is admittedly not my favorite holiday, but I wish you a happy day all the same. Hopefully you have people to love that love you back all year round..!

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Missing Porter Flea…

Doing any show that is not Porter Flea just makes me miss Porter Flea. Here is a photo gem that I only noticed while reminiscing today on the greatness that was Porter Flea Holiday 2013.

Photo by Emily Michelle Jones

Also, Lisa Garcia, Porter Flea alum and maker of the fabulous art you can sort of see behind me in the photo above, is now selling her work on Urban Outfitters website (not in store as far as I know). You should buy it! She is amazingly talented and also a real person that I know and stuff. Yay!

Lisa Garcia wall art is now for sale at Urban Outfitters. I know her! I have her art! AMAZING!!!

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Cabin Fever Heydey this Weekend..!


It’s been a minute since I’ve had a show or even posted to this here blog. I guess I just needed extra recovery time from the awesomeness that was the holiday Porter Flea. It’ll be good to get back in the craft show saddle. I am rested, New Year’s resolutioned, and far too stressed about this semester of school to worry about a show. It’s just gonna fun fun FUN. Hope to see you there!

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